New! Klip Vibe! Meditation Timer
Stop watching the clock and use this great little meditation timer!

The new Klip! Vibe Meditation Timer features a silent vibration and/or audible alerts for dual countdown timers. The vibration function makes the Vibe handy around the home, in the office or the kitchen, but it's especially ideal for meditation! The Vibe features a high-contrast LCD display with a handy elapsed time bar graphic. Ten segments at the top of the display disappear with the passage of time, making it easy to see the percentage of total time remaining at a glance. Easy to program too!

Klip Vibe! Mobile Timer at Zafu! Zafu! Canada's Meditation Shop


It's cool!
This meditation timer definitely has the COOL factor!

Quality built
The Klip Vibe! is a discrete, flexible, easy to use, and well-built timer.

Klip Vibe! Mobile Timer at Zafu! Zafu! Canada's Meditation Shop
"I was looking for a relatively inexpensive timer to use for meditation, one that had a silent vibration so I wouldn't disturb others. I'd recommend the Klip Vibe! to anyone! It's great."
Product Features:
  • Functions: Dual countdown timers (A & B) with vibration and/or audible alerts and batch feature; Stopwatch; Clock; Keypad lock
  • Storage Options: Belt clip and fridge magnet. Also stands upright for countertop use
  • Max Timer Duration: 24 hours
  • Display Type: High-contrast LCD, non-backlit
  • Audible Alarm Duration: 60 seconds (or until silenced
  • Clock Modes: 12 hour / 24 hour
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • As speedy as one day shipping via Canada Post
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