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Hay House, Inc.

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Meditation Centres & Sitting Groups

Kawartha Lakes Sangha
Meditation in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Led by Buddhist monk Jim Kearse, this group is a chapter of the Order of Pragmatic Buddhists "Pragmatic Buddhism is mindfulness made meaningful for today's world. When interpreted through the lens of practicality, the philosophy of the Buddha becomes a relevant recipe for whole-life development. We offer training and practice in various Buddhist meditation techniques as well as community celebrations to all people in Kawartha Lakes."

Little Heron Zen Hermitage
Buddhist meditation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Center for Inner Freedom
Mindfulness programs in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada - International Meditation Center and Temple for World Peace is located in Toronto, Ontario in a beautifully restored church on Crawford Street south of Bloor. They offer a variety of services, classes, workshops and course programs, and are in the process of expanding out into the GTA and other locations in Southern Ontario.

Springwater Center
Springwater Center in Springwater, New York, USA (1 hour south of Rochester, in the Finger Lakes) is a retreat center for meditative inquiry, founded in 1981 by Toni Packer (passed away in August 2013), whose body of work includes five books and an extensive library of recorded talks and dialogues. Trained in Zen Buddhism and chosen by Roshi Philip Kapleau to succeed him at the Rochester Zen Center, Toni instead was drawn to leave the traditional forms of Buddhism to work with the essence of meditative practice - attending to what is happening within and without, in the immediacy of each moment. Over the years, Springwater Center has developed into a large and lively community, open to people of all faiths and meditative traditions. Without hierarchy and dogma, people feel free to come here to meditate in deep silence, and to inquire and share with one another their insights, questions, and difficulties. There are no rituals, required beliefs, or assigned practices.

Tergar Montreal Meditation Group
Under the guidance of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the Tergar Meditation Group of Montreal hosts regular teachings and community events in Montreal, Quebec. As a community of friends exploring the practice of meditation, they gather regularly to practice and study.

True Peace Toronto
True Peace Toronto (Ontario, Canada) practices meditation and mindfulness in the tradition of Buddhist Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village spiritual community which he leads. Thich Nhat Hanhn's teachings focus on the practice of mindfulness in everyday life, as well as on meditation in all its forms. Their main activities are the conduct of mindfulness practice sessions, courses on Buddhist teachings, days of mindfulness, and retreats.

Windsor Meditation Group
A non-profit organization located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, that has been meeting for Dhamma talks, meditation instruction and practice since 1998.

Essence and Alchemy
Classes and one-on-one sessions facilitated by Lisa Boyle (spiritual psychotherapy, reiki and mindfulness meditation). Serving the communities of Aurora, Newmarket, Sharon, Holland Landing and Queensville (Ontario, Canada).
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Other links of interest

Go For All - An Ottawa-based initiative shares the beauty and simplicity of the most ancient board-game, 'Go', with people of all ages. Playing it fosters the critical thinking, and focused creativity, exemplified by harmony with the Tao, and has been studied by Zen scholars for centuries. Grants are available to support Go-centered volunteer community-programs for Youth throughout Canada.

Freeing the Human Spirit
Freeing the Human Spirit - a registered Canadian charity founded by Sister Elaine MacInnes, Roman Catholic nun and Zen master, offers programs of yoga and meditation for inmates in Canadian prisons. Our founder is a volunteer, and can attest to the effectiveness of this valuable work. Please visit their website for more information and considering making a donation to support this important work.

Hay House, Inc.

Check out the "I Can Do It" conference with 26 amazing authors and speakers. Past speakers included Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, Brian Weiss, the fabulous/hilarious Loretta LaRoche and more! Click on the image above for more information and to register.
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