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I ordered a set of a zafu, zabuton and support cushion. The quality is great, and the service was excellent. When I had an enquiry about delivery, it was answered immediately, in detail and in a very personable manner. This company cares about its reputation and service. The delivery was fast! I love my set. Two thumbs up! Gail, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Got the set and I love it. You were right - the colour is gorgeous. [deluxe zafu & zabuton combo in dark navy] G.H., Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I'd like, please, to thank you for the meditation bench. Thanks to that I can enjoy mine (sic) longer meditation now. Gala, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I really appreciate all the extra efforts you are doing on my behalf. Shipping issues can be a pain. Once I get my order rest assured I will speak highly of your store to Sangha at our dojo here in Montreal :)Sergio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I wanted to let you know that I received my order and i'm very happy with the quality of your products. More importantly, the level of customer service you provided should be the gold standard for other business. I'll be placing another order soon for some pillows and I wanted to send this note to thank you for handling my order with efficiency and friendliness. Thank you, Jamie, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to mention that I'm very happy with the quality and comfort of my zafu and zabuton. I will definitely recommend this product. Keep up the great work! Linda S, Pickering, Ontario, Canada


I'm writing to express my deep appreciation for the service and products you provided me with a few years ago.

A few years ago, I contacted you with the desire to perhaps purchase a zafu. I'd been a no-frills meditator in my younger days, as I had refused to make a 'fetish' out of using what I considered 'frivolous props'. But, as the years passed, I was no longer comfortable meditating while sitting on my bed. My back and muscles had begun screaming in protest). I thought perhaps a zafu would solve my problem - sweet and simple.

I found a contact number for your store, zafuzafu.com, and spoke with you (I 'think' it might have been a gal named...Susan...maybe???). Anywhooo, you suggested a few things:

  • a zafu
  • a zabuton
  • a small rectangular pillow on which to rest my hands
  • a foam wedge to prop up the back end of my zafu (to raise my hips a touch if needed)

Hmmm, I thought - "this is a lot of frivolous propping I'd be ordering here."

But I was so taken with your knowledge of meditation (I still remember your saying how you were taught to "dig one hole, and dig it deep," and this has stayed with me.) and your patience with me. So, I ordered it all - ALL of it! And since I was spending all this money, I threw caution to the wind and ordered an Enso Pearl timer. Why not?! ;)

It's been about 3 or 4 years now, and every day I feel so grateful as I sit down to meditate. For the first while, I didn't use all of the items I ordered. At first, I just used the zafu - period. But, as time went on, I slowly discovered the thought behind and genius inherent in every item, and now I use them all at the same time.

So, these day[s], I have my seated posture down to a science and I'm 100% comfortable during every meditation. It's a perrrfect setup for me, and I'm so grateful for your patience, knowledge, and understanding with me that day. It was worth every penny I spent. Since I'm now tearing up ;), I'll just end this with:


Sincerely, Brenda P, Ontario, Canada

I look forward to many hours of lakeside meditation! Namaste, Catherine, USA (delivered to her sister in Kenora, Ontario, Canada)
I've just moved into a new condo and have created space - can't wait to fill it up with your products :) I appreciate your friendly customer service. Jamie, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
thanks again for the good communication which is so hard to find these days :) Linda S, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Thank you for responding so quickly and doing the diligence on the shipping charges. You have a great company and I really appreciate the care. I will recommend you guys whenever I get the chance! All the best, Max, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I just got it! Thanks a lot! John signed for my parcel, and a couple of minutes ago I came home, opened the box - WOW! Beautiful zafu, excellent service! [note: we upgraded the shipping service to Xpresspost as it was a gift for a Buddhist friend to be delivered on short notice] Many, many thanks again! All the best, Nina, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Everything is lovely and was perfectly on time for my Thursday class (it arrived Wednesday). Everyone got to try out both the benches and the cushions (I already had a regular Zafu) and they will be thinking about what to order. Thanks again -- I'll keep in touch. Everything was a hit! Nadine, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
I have all my items (meditation mat, cushion and bench) in hand! A most delightful Canada Post young man delivered it to my house (don't know if he's supposed to do that but he did). I was thrilled to see him with my parcels. So, all's well that ends well! The items are beautiful. I loved the smell of the wood bench. JP, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
These are gorgeous! [This esteemed American associate professor and clinical neuropsychology researcher recently used part of a research stimulus grant to purchase a large quantity of zafu & zabuton combos for the launch of a much-needed study that will help parents and educators learn to handle stress created by the demands of children with ADHD.
I received my zafu and zabuton yesterday. Thank you it was very fast :) and enjoy them this morning during my meditation.

[Note: we received a subsequent email asking for advice about discomfort when doing longer sitting up to 30 min, and responded with more detailed advice based on our experience with lengthy meditation retreats]

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, I appreciate your time and dedication to help me. I'll check it all out and pay attention to my sitting position. I can relate with a few thing you are saying. Thanks again! Namaste Maru, Brossard, Quebec, Canada
I ordered a zafu & zabuton from you and I absolutely love it! A.G. [doing research study], Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I am loving my zafu and zubaton! I have been using it for years ... Thanks again!!! Andrew P, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
WONDERFUL! Everything arrived yesterday [zafu and zabuton combo with buckwheat pillow] and my husband loved it!!!! Thank you!!!! Deb R, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Orange! [zafu] Yahoo. Thank you - I love it. Barry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
You would have really had a good belly laugh if you could have seen me emptying out the excess hulls to personalize my meditation comfort! Thank goodness it was not caught on phone or camera or would surely have made it to utube by now. Had a lovely sit last night and look forward to taking with me to the Ontario Vipassana Centre in a week. Thank you for the prompt delivery. Have a great day! Carolyn (RMT), Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Dog, cat and kid have enjoyed new Zabuton & Zafu. My turn soon! Thanks again! Jessika E, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for getting in touch [shipping followup]. I've already got my zabuton and I'm very happy with it. My meditation cushion is from you as well. Santa gave it to me a year or two ago. Thanks so much. Brayden E, Ontario, Canada
Thank you for following up. I picked up the parcel today containing my zafu and zabuton combo. They are fantastic, and I look forward to using them. Lisa M, Markham, Ontario, Canada
Thank you for the follow up. Amazing customer service. I will be a repeat customer and purchase pillows from you as well. I have received my package. Thanks again and keep it up. More companies need to take a page from your book. It's the small things that count. Thayne, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Again, thanks so much for your speed and patience - you are definitely my go-to for all things meditation related! Nancy, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
My order arrived and I want to thank you for great customer service. The Zafu, Zabuton and support pillow are brilliant. Excellent quality and workmanship. I look forward to many quiet hours with them. Desmond, Rockwood, Ontario, Canada
Thank you for your very professional and kind inquiry [follow-up on shipment]. We indeed had some trouble with reception, due to our own fault (renovations at our home made it hard for the post office workers to leave the package). We did track the items though and managed to get the zafus just on time to leave for a meditation retreat where they were much appreciated! Thank you again for your work! Marilyne, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Life has been wild with the retreat weekend, etc. so am only now getting around to telling you how much we love our cushions! They are perfect and now all stacked on the new shelf at the studio in Toronto. Whew. There are several students who have expressed interest in getting cushions for themselves for home use. I will probably be needing to get a few more zafus and support cushions, as well, before too long. So thanks for all your help up to now. I am very happy that the group is happy! (and the grey was a great choice - I love it) Best, Sara, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thank you so much! Your customer service is outstanding! Katrina, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I wasn't able to leave feedback on your website, but I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my buckwheat pillow :) With the extra hulls, it made the height and firmness exactly what I needed. Thank you! Cindy M, Lachine, Quebec, Canada
I received my blankets a few days ago and I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you. They are lovely and the colours are perfect. I know I'll be enjoying them for many years. Thanks again for providing such great products! All the best, Deirdre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We ordered zafu & zabuton combos from you earlier this year and we just love them. Barb M, Mansfield, Ontario, Canada
It's been a long time since I first ordered from your shop, but today I made my second order :). In 2011, I ordered a zafu and matching zabuton from you when I still lived in Athabasca, AB... and I have loved it every day since. I adore the worksmanship and the care put into it.

In the last two years, because of yoga and meditation, I've lost over 100 lbs... and I suddenly found myself with a sore neck almost every morning! I discovered that since losing all the weight, I needed a better pillow to support my head and neck! A trip to Japan gave me the opportunity to sleep on a buckwheat hull pillow... and I knew just who to contact when I got back to Canada.

I am so looking forward to sleeping my first night on my new large buck hull pillow. Thank you so much for making such an amazing product! Dylan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
It (zafu) arrived today and I'm very pleased with it. I love that it's all Canadian made and, I assume, not by small, homeless children! I expected it to be a bit bigger, judging by the photos online, but I really like the size and I'm happy with the colour (sage/jade). And so far -- it works great! Sooo much better than the too-soft couch cushions I've been using! Thanks. I would definitely recommend this product. Lesley K, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
It is a very nice zabuton thanks. As long as I don't leave it unattended as my little Jack thinks it her perfect new dog bed. Gunda, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I just received it [zafu], and showed it off to my confused colleagues [at work]. Thank you for your great customer support! Best, Udai, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I received my zafu and zabuton yesterday. I am extremely happy with them both. The quality is amazing, shipping was fast, and the zabuton is so comfortable. The zafu felt very stable, was the perfect height, and I had virtually no back pain because of it. Just wanted to thank you guys for everything and let you know that I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Chris B., St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
I can't remember the last time I had such great customer service from a company, from the immediate email response, to the convenience of PayPal, to an actual decrease in price with pick up instead of shipping fees, the four compass point instructions to find the UPS store....the ease at the UPS store, the quality never ends. It truly was a pleasure doing business with Zafu! Zafu!. If you'd like to use this testimonial on your website, feel free. Thanks again, Sharon P, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Your quick response is appreciated. It's nice to be able to support a Canadian business. Cheers. David M, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Parcel with buckwheat pillow arrived this morning in excellent condition. I am impressed. Thank you kindly, Peter C, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
LOVE! [zafu and zabuton combo] Tomo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
You have answered my questions and concerns in a prompt and professional manner. Also, I have received the zafu and zabuton today and I am very pleased! Thank you for your courtesy and superior product. Have a good day, Lee, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
I have received the package. Can't wait until I can use it soon. Thanks for the great service. Denyse, Whitby, Ontario Canada
Thank you so much for your time and generosity. We are anticipating its arrival [Enso Pearl meditation timer] as we had ordered this product before Christmas from another website who in the end could not get any from the supplier. We were pleasantly surprised when we investigated another source to find that Zafu had some in stock. After receiving such great service from Zafu this is the site we will use and recommend to our friends to check out first when they are looking to purchase something online. Thank you again!! Have a great day!! Peace, Harmony, Trust, Joy and Love Carol Lynn, Pierrefonds, Quebec Canada
The pillow and zafu are wonderful, thank you! I've purchased another pillow for my son. Adam, Barrie, Ontario Canada
Thank you very much for your speedy service on shipping out my order so fast, and for your e- mail !! I'm looking forward to the Enzo pearl Meditation Timer Gabriella, Kelowna, BC Canada
Received December 24, a very well loved Christmas present (zafu & zabuton combo), thanks, all the best Paul, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
I just want to let you know that I picked up my parcel from the post office this evening. I want to mention, too, that I was not expecting to receive it before Christmas. I am thrilled and thank you as it was intended to be a holiday gift for a loved one. I am more than impressed with your level of customer service, and will be ordering my own "set" of meditation cushions in the near future. Thank YOU again, and I wish you and yours a happy, safe and healthy holiday season. Valerie E, London, Ontario, Canada
I received the Zafu-Zabuton combo this afternoon, it is great, I like the quality and the zafu is very comfortable. I love it! Thanks very much for mailing it very fast, I will be using it in meditation retreat in two weeks. Adriana S, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I got my package ! Thank you very much for your quick service ! Leo C, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Thank you for the update. Excellent service by the way. Steve U, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Thanks Susan, You are very nice! All the testimonials on the website about you must be true then! I'll tell you how I like it soon! Best regards, and good night!

Update: I just received my zabuton! It's perfect! Every business should have a "Susan" among their staff! Great service! But beware, if I don't attain nirvana on that zabuton, I might ask for a refund ;-)! Robert, Sutton, Quebec, Canada
Thank you for your great patience and advice. Your product and service are beyond compare. I have and will continue to recommend your products... Brenda, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario, Canada
Thank you, now that is customer service. Have a great day! Roxanne, Glidden, Saskatchewan, Canada
I [received] the bench and it is perfect. Thanks so much! Matthew, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
I don't know how you did it but I received the [Enso clock] timer today. Time is therefore an illusion. Thank you for the excellent service and super quick shipping. Jean-Claude, Outremont, Quebec, Canada
Local pickup was easy and much appreciated. Thomas, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
The zafu is already here and I love it! Perfect! Nice and big for my long legs. Thanks so much, Christine, St-Adolphe, Quebec, Canada
I ordered a while back and have sent a few friends to you as well and we have all had great customer service so thank you so much for that! Marlys, Almonte, Ontario, Canada
[Wasabi Cotton Yoga Rug] Really nice colour and matches my mat perfectly. Like the size - slightly larger than the mat in all dimensions. Can't wait to try it and see how it absorbs sweat.
UPDATE: "I gave it [cotton yoga rug] a good test. It's nice because it's slightly bigger than my mat. I washed it and let it dry outside and did not appear to shrink. It seemed to hold the water and then when I rolled it up and put one end on the floor it gushed sweat. Likely it needs to be washed a few times to absorb more. But it was good to exercise on as less slippery than a regular towel and lays flat rather than bunching up."
Brian H., Hot Yoga Afficionado, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
I just received my order (zafu & zabuton combo) and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you for making an excellent product. I also noticed that you refunded the difference in shipping cost. Thanks again, Victor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I received my zafu meditation cushion today, and can't tell you how pleased I am. The quality and comfort are superb, the height perfect, the buckwheat keeps its shape without sinking; I am delighted to be able to meditate comfortably without wrecking my knees or back! Thank you thank-you!! Yvonne, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Most dealers do not stock [a] complete line Morris, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Thank you, Susan, for being so generous with the 'tips'! Amazing! And it's a relief for me to know that I'm not a freak-job with my lopsided knees (LOL) - so thank you! I feel like I'm embarking on an adventure and finding a suitable sitting posture for my body is just part of packing my gear. Thank you for helping me pack :) With gratitude, Brenda, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Thanks so much Susan! What great service you provide! Mary B, Almonte, Ontario, Canada
I just received my order yesterday, and I LOVE the Enso pearl timer and zafu cushion - THANK YOU! They're beautiful! Brenda P, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
I just received my Zafu/Zabuton combo that I ordered through your site and I thank you for the quick delivery. I am more than pleased with your product. I won't hesitate to refer you to my friends at my zen centre. Chris A, Markham, Ontario, Canada
Dear Zafu Zafu Friends, Thank you so very much for processing my order so promptly on your return from retreat. My meditation bench arrived today and I am thrilled with the support it seems to give my posture. MUCH APPRECIATED and I will soon be giving it a good trial. Wishing you all the best. Maureen B, Midland, Ontario, Canada
The cushions are great (zen-style zafus). Deb, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
I love the [Enso] clock, it's beautiful. Deren A, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I have been very impressed with your customer service. You have kept me apprised of all the potential issues (backordered products, wrong clock manuals) in a very proactive and timely manner including letting me know how you were going to handle it. My meditation supplies arrived today. I was delighted by how quickly they landed on my doorstep and look forward to using them tonight. Thank you for being so easy to deal with. BTW, I love your website. It is easy to navigate and to use. Anne Marie, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Just wanted to say I love my new zen-style zafu! Doug, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Thanks for being so attentive to the manual 'issue' ... it inspires confidence in your company, I must say. I got my timer in the mail yesterday and had no difficulty setting it up from the pdf instructions that you sent last week. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to having a manual that fits into the carrying case ... folding up the printout of the pdf small enough to fit was a pain ... just kidding. Have a fabulous day! Ciao, Marie [Enso Pearl timer - we received a shipment with old version manuals and worked with the manufacturer to expedite replacement manuals for our customers as well as look at putting policies & procedures in place to minimize such occurrences in future] Marie, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thank you so much for your amazing customer service! I love the Enso Pearl and I am so glad that you recommended it . I have already passed on your site to my yoga teacher and will be passing it on to others from my yoga teacher training group! Marlys, yoga teacher, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cushion arrived, it’s a perfect size for me! My Labradors are taking a keen interest in the buckwheat hulls inside. Barb B., Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
I've been meaning to write to tell you how much enjoyment the zabuton has added to my meditation practice. It's just like my own little comfie space that I can retreat to, to settle, relax, breathe and calm. Now I know why dogs enjoy their dog beds so much! I do have to keep it off the floor when I'm not using it so my little dachsund doesn't curl up on it. When I am meditating she will sometimes find me and settle in with me on the zabuton too!

I will let my yoga classes know about you. Oh - my husband gave me a meditation timer [Enso Pearl] for Christmas which also is a beautiful way to time my practice as well as end the practice. I am happy :) Carol, yoga teacher, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
This email is coming a little late, but I just wanted to thank you very much for your prompt delivery of the meditation mat and cushion I ordered less than a week before Christmas! It arrived here in Montreal on the 22nd of December, which I wasn't expecting, as I had ordered it as late as Dec. 18th. Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to extend my appreciation for your service. And of course, my boyfriend is thoroughly enjoying this special gift. Excellent quality and feel of the materials. He has set up a special place for his meditation, which he has now made a daily practice! - thanks to his lovely new zafu cushion and mat!! Sofie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Your products are THE BEST that I've ever had. I like that they're made in Canada and local. Eric, certified yoga teacher, Ontario, Canada
I just love dealing with Canadian companies. LD, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The cushions are beautiful and the quality is outstanding. [Butterscotch Tibetan-style zafus and support cushions] Ron, Shambhala meditation teacher, Ontario, Canada
It is uplifting to see your site and your integrity comes across. Lois, meditation student, Alberta, Canada
Just wanted to say thanks so much for the update. I received the mats (zabutons) today and we love them. I have really enjoyed working with you, you've been great. Thanks so much! P.S. look forward to the yoga rugs. Lea, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
I am reminded daily, how much I appreciate your products. I'm thankful for your business. A spoiled link is very easy to forget. [our recent newsletter had a slight glitch] A beautiful well crafted zabuton and zafu, is not. Blessings, Tara, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
We appreciate your considerate approach to shipping. We're so pleased with your products and your customer service orientation. Many thanks again, Brenda, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
We received both boxes this week and are so delighted with your products [2 Dark Navy zafu and zabuton combos, yoga strap and bamboo yoga block]. Honestly, we were both overdue for new meditation cushions and the positive difference is so noticeable. So glad to find a Canadian made meditation supply. We'll be back! Namaste! Brenda and Virgil P, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Thank you for keeping in touch. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Sue D, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Wonderful news on refunds and shipping turnaround time. We just completed a new meditation and yoga space in our home. I was so pleased to see your website and pleased to buy Canadian. Thanks for the update, Namaste! Brenda, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I opened the box and was struck - by the modest attractiveness of the zabuton and bench. Then I used them and they are comfortable - totally takes my mind off my ankle and upper back pain. My partner had a go, too, and was impressed! Thank you for your great customer service, and my family is sure to use your services again. Ashley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I just got my zafu zabuton set [Tibetan Burgundy zafu and Black zabuton] and I am thrilled. Thank you so much! It was lovely speaking with you yesterday. Dale, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
We receive the package today [Dark Chocolate zafu/zabuton combo]. Thank you for the update yesterday. My spouse is very happy with her gift. Have a nice day. Jean-Guy, Verdun, Quebec, Canada
Got my items yesterday [Terracotta zen & tibetan-style zafus and Black zabuton with support cushions] and just had to write and say how much I love them! They look great and they're comfortable to use. I especially like the Tibetan style zafu - it gives me a little more height and takes pressure off the leg I injured a few years back. Plus, I much prefer to buy Canadian when I can, so that is an added bonus for me. I'll definitely be in contact when I'm looking for additional items! Thanks! Lynn, Newcastle, Ontario, Canada
Oh my gosh, that's amazing, you are quick!!! Thank you so much for your prompt service Susan. You are such a kind lady. It's like I know you already:) Sincerely, Donna, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
I received my stuff [Tuscan Tan zen-style zafu & Dark Chocolate zabuton] & I love it. Great quality. Kim, Saint-Lazare, Quebec
It just occurred to me to drop you a line. I received my [Enso Pearl] clock last week on Monday - I guess just before the full strike took effect. Lucky!

I've been enjoying waking in a much more civilized fashion and have been putting the variable timer function to good use as well!

Thanks again for all your help and correspondences! I'll be letting my friends know of my good experience shopping with you and I will definitely buy from you again (though I'll wait till Canada Post gets happy again). Namaste!
Donna, Vancouver, BC, Canada
I just arrived back from my meditation retreat with your zafu and meditation mat. Wow. No one there had a mat like it and the zafu...once I figured out that I could un-stuff it, was perfect. I love that I now have extra stuffing to put back as it starts to wear thin...hopefully I can keep up with my meditation long enough for that to happen. Thanks for all of your previous help. Vicki, Mount Albert, Ontario
Just a wee note to say that the clock arrived in the mail last week and that I'm delighted with both the item and your excellent service.
Kind regards and many thanks, Chris, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
We are so very pleased with our purchase (30 zafus for a mindfulness program). The colour and size of the cushion is great - I took one on retreat with me and found it to be comfortable at all the height possibilities and I shifted it around a fair bit to deal with all of the causes and conditions that were arising, teeheehee. Thank you again, Dawn, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The cushions are beautiful and of the highest quality. Anytime I need supplies in the future, I will absolutely be headed your way again! Tyler B, Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
I want to let you know how pleased I am with the combo and the bench. The bench is perfect size and I love the two tone zafu/zabuton you suggested. I will probably be buying from your company again sometime in the future for a gift for someone. Thank you very much again for all of your assistance, take care, JB, Timmons, Ontario, Canada
Thanks to you my wife was able to give me everything on time for my birthday, and I'm very happy with the quality of the items I ordered. Jean L, Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
Thank you so much for responding to me so quickly. I look forward to getting my meditation cushion. EG, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Well, I thank you for all your efforts and appreciate very much all you did (so does my wife - note: this was a birthday gift from his wife), it was fun doing business with you. Jean L (Johnny BeGood), Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
Hi Susan, You are something really special. You always answer and you always give me the information. And on top of that you always have more than I expect. Pat C, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
My zafu and zabuton combo arrived last week. They are perfect! Great quality material, well sewn, and very supportive and comfortable. Thanks! Tom D, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thank you very much for all of your assistance, you are excellent in customer service. I'll be sure to recommend if anyone I know is interested in buying meditation accessories. Jason, Timmons, Ontario, Canada
Just received everything - looks great! Thanks. Dr. B, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
I just got my combo [zafu/zabuton]... LOVE IT!!! So beautiful and comfortable. Thank you so much for expediting the delivery. Sarahi, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Zabuton great! I just gave the zabuton a short test drive and it's superb – exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your support. Manrico, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Zafu Zafu is the most helpful and responsive e-retailer I have worked with in years! Thank you! Emily S, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have had the opportunity to practice my meditation on my new zafu and zabuton and love the results! Both my legs and feet are in a comfortable position when I meditate. I now feel that I can meditate more comfortably for longer periods of time. I really appreciate how the cover is removable so it can be cleaned easily. The funny thing is it feels the zabuton combo - zafu (buttercup yellow) and the zabuton (chocolate) have been in my possession for my entire life. I love it when something just fits with you. Thank you Zafu! Zafu! for offering us a superior made Canadian product. Brenda, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
I'm just emailing to thank you for the refund on shipping. Now that IS great customer service. The products themselves are excellent. And the only way shipping could have been faster, would have been if you shipped before I ordered :) Best regards, George, Castleton, Ontario, Canada [note: we are working on order intuition but it may not happen in this lifetime]

I received the [zabuton and support cushion]and they are great! I really like them, they are comfortable and I love the colour. Thanks very much. Jaclyn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The litte timer I bought from you is absolutely marvelous. I just love it! Karla, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Have not opened the box yet, but am thrilled with the service. [our followup on delivery] Pat, Dalkeith, Ontario, Canada

Both packages were received in good order. I would not normally buy items like this online but am very pleased with your products and your customer service. John C, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My Black Zabuton/Grey & Black Zafu combo with Grey support cushion arrived recently. The comments about quality on your site are 100% accurate. Since I'm 6'2" I was a little worried that maybe I would need larger sizes but everything works perfectly. The support cushion is just big enough to really help under one knee and I was able to sit for 30-45 minutes without issue. I know this isn't long by experienced meditator standards but it surprised me how easy I found it, as a beginner with your product. It was well worth the investment. Thanks so much. Keith N, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My recent order for 6 zafus arrived today. Great service from you and from Canada Post. Thanks, and best wishes for a peaceful and healthful New Year. MW, Tamworth, Ontario, Canada

The royal blue zabuton is super comfortable and the zafu/support cushion work well. So much so that I would like a second for when a friend is over. The Enso [Pearl] is worth every penny. It doesn't "scare" me awake like a buzzer. Thanks again for your advice, Steve R, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for shipping out the replacement and reimbursing me for my shipping costs all in a timely manner. That's what good business is all about and I would definitely buy from you again. The new [Enso Pearl] clock is great by the way, it accompanied me throughout my yoga weekend in Canmore! Ian M, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My order arrived in lightning pace! (Friday am to Monday am). I am going to be enjoying a good night's sleep tonight. Thank you! Cindy J, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the quick service! Len, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

I love your cushions! I have been recommending them highly to others. B. Mok, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We received our emWave yesterday, wow what great service. I avoid ordering from the U.S. if at all possible. so thank you for being a Canadian distributor. Karen, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much, Susan, for the cushions and for the refund. I got the shipment today. The cushions are wonderful. All the best for your future, S.B. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the prompt and friendly service! Sophie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Bel Timer is counting down for me. I love being able to time things longer than an hour. I have it permanently in my dining room (or take it with me around the house as needed). PC, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I love my meditation cushion that I bought online a few months ago! I just finished a month long intensive teacher training course and I sat on it every day! Thank you! Bethany, London, Ontario, Canada

The mat and cushion are absolutely wonderful! Corey, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I thought I would drop you a line and tell you that all my worries about the cushion came to nothing. The aching I had been experiencing in my shoulders and neck was gone the night after I first started using it. Thanks again. Pat, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The zafu and zabuton are great, they are a pleasure to use every time. Janos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just got the cushion, wow it is beautifully made - perfect! Thanks so much again. Nat K, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am very pleased with how quickly you responded to my email, it's so easy to purchase from you! Daniel C, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

"Canadian company delivers great product." Our zafus and support cushions arrived very quickly. Great job! These are wonderful cushions and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who wants a quality meditation seat. Bill, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hi Susan! I wasn't expecting my package until late this week or even next week. Thank you so much. My package has arrived and I'm pushing buttons and getting to know what all the buttons do. You are truly amazing with your customer service. I wish every good thing for you and your store. I also wish more stores were like yours. Pat C, Missisauga, Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I received the zafu and zabuton, and they are beautiful! I can't wait to start using them!!! Thanks again for all your help, and the terrific service!! All the best!! Andrew, London, Ontario, Canada

It's HERE! It arrived!! And it is wonderful and comfortable and just right. Thank you for your product and service. I will certainly let others know about your company. Namaste,
Anna G, Victoria, BC, Canada

I have found the Enso Meditation Clock to be an invaluable support to my meditation practice in a number of ways. I have a few different sittings programmed into the clock so that I can just press one of the preprogrammed sittings and not have to be concerned with time. I have also used it silently with just the enso showing (and can use the enso itself as a focus) when I have been sitting with others present and want to use a silent alarm. It comes with me whenever I travel because it is so portable and is a wonderful alternative to a blaring alarm clock. All in all, it suits all of my needs for meditation. Ellen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We received our packages today and no disrespect to the webpage (which is very good) but the picture does not do the meditation mats justice. Maybe some dimensions might help or a testimonial about how thick and luxurious these mats are. These are really a fine product. Thanks very much for great service and making a truly great Canadian product. Phil, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

I just got my Enso Meditation Clock and it's the only timer I use now for meditation. Since I do several diffent timed meditation practices during a sitting, it's been invaluable as a guide. You could even set up a whole day of practice with it, using the different memory settings. I also use it for my alarm clock too - it's really wonderful to wake up to a gentle gong sound rather than a noisy alarm clock! SG, Barrie Ontario, Canada

I received my order yesterday afternoon. Thank you. The quality is fantastic - exactly what I expected. You have been great to deal with and I'll certainly recommend your products and your business to friends. Karen, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Of course I will let my friends know about you!! Susan, you have been so very helpful, and I cannot thank you enough!!! I really appreciate everything!! Andrew, London, Ontario, Canada

Got the two cushions today. They look great: better than the one I had, and better than ********** sells in Toronto, for more. Aidan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am sure your product is as great as your service [note: shipment was in transit] Vladimir, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada

Great stuff, Susan! CG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Our yoga teacher bought a zafu from you and offered to let us try it - it was so comfortable we just had to have our own! Judy, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

The extra grey support cushion has made it to Montreal in perfect shape. The whole grey/black set is just gorgeous. Many, many thanks. Marie L, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thank you for getting the zafus to me so soon. They arrived Tuesday morning and they are amazing. Thanks again. SP (yoga teacher), Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I purchased a grey/black zafu, a black zabuton and a black support cushion. They have just arrived and they are just perfect. PERFECT!!! Beautiful and comfortable. Thanks for a great transaction. I hope we meet again on the Net. Marie L, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

They've arrived! Thanks so much - they look beautiful. Just in time for tomorrow's class. [Note: arrived a day earlier than our carrier's estimate!] MW (yoga teacher), Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I got the package this morning [1 day shipping], very high quality items, thank you! Chris G, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thank you for your honesty ... I am very impressed. You reinstate my faith in business folks ... it has been great dealing with you ... I truly hope I can do further business with you and refer lots of customers. CG, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada

I appreciate the lengths you are going to in the name of customer satisfaction; it is wonderful service. Sincerely, and may you and yours have a peaceful Christmas. David, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Your cushions are really lovely. Kathy, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to touch base and let you know I'm super happy with my cushion. Chris G, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for your speedy shipping, I am really impressed. Barb D., Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi Susan, I have been searching for months for a Canadian supplier of good quality yoga mats to replace the aging mats in our yoga & pilates studio, and I am so glad to have found you! The Mandara [Tapas Performance Yoga] mats are just what I am looking for. M.J., Ontario, Canada

Hi Susan, That was quick! Just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery of my cushion. I've been using it for 2 nights and, even though I find it a bit overstuffed, I've been sleeping better. I may empty out a bit of the hulls and save them for later in case the others get smashed down with use or the cushion itself stretches. Thanks again for everything! Fabienne, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Thank you! I appreciate the way you do business and I will watch for the refund. [note: shipping fees were adjusted for bulk order and the difference refunded via PayPal] J., Stoney Plain, Alberta, Canada

I'm going to my first Vipassana 10 day retreat in 2 days and was glad to find a local source! Sandy S., Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Hi Susan, You are providing me with entertainment as well as meditation supplies! I would not have held you ransom for $1.60 at all. :-) Thank you for telling me and going to that trouble. I'm really looking forward to receiving my mat and zafu - and more importantly, helping me to resurrect my meditation/prayer practice. Thank you for your part in restoring that part of my health. D.O., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am starting a teacher training program July 1st Canada Day for one month - 6 days a week. I was going to manage the meditations with blocks and blankets but at the last moment decided I really wanted to have a proper cushion. So sorry to make you rush this but thanks again for assisting in getting my cushion here on time. I will definitely tell my yoga friends about Zafu! Zafu! Michelle P., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was looking for an Ontario supplier of zafus through google and you were the only one that popped up - repeatedly. There were other stores that sold cushions, but they weren't made here. Bradley S, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hello Susan, The package arrived today and the timing could not have been better. I was just settling down for a sitting session when the the FedEx delivery person rang from the lobby. I don't know if the Zafu! Zafu! gear is responsible, but I was able to sit for longer and without my lower legs going to sleep. Fantastic! Thanks so much. Cheers. Roger R, Outremont, Quebec, Canada

I have been looking for quite some time for a Canadian source for meditation cushions and am so glad I found you! I am really delighted with my new zafu and zabuton, and use it daily. Thanks so much for everything. Shannon H, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

I learned more from you about how to sit properly than from my teacher in class. I really value your advice! PD, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

It is a pleasure doing business with you. I like your personability - hard to find these days. Helen S, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the speedy order! I'll be taking my cushion down east for a retreat next month. Craig P, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

I took my new zafu to the Toronto Yoga Conference and was so glad to have it as they don't provide anything to sit on! Your cushion has made a big difference for me - I'm able to sit comfortably and for longer periods, and I enjoy sitting now. Thanks! Rhonda M, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I am in a meditation course and just couldn't get comfortable sitting on the floor. My friend bought a fancy looking cushion at a local store but it's not suitable for meditation (I didn't tell her that, of course!). I bought the combo set and I take my cushion with me to class - everyone wants to know where I got it!

I am very comfortable with it. I am taking your business cards to give to our teacher so he can recommend you to his students in future. He definitely wants to support a local maker. You make such a great product.
Doreen P, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

My friend bought a mat and cushion from you (we're in the same class together) and I wanted one too. I am looking forward to receiving it - thank you for the prompt reply to my order. Donna W, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

I am really looking forward to receiving my cushion (Tibetan-style). Thanks for the prompt shipping! Jared G, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Your duck-nesting demonstration on how to settle into a cushion was hilarious! but effective. Am enjoying my new cushion! Karen T, Vermont, USA
I really love the soft fabric of my zabuton. Thank you Susan. MP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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