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The first choice of teachers and students for over 8 years. If you are a serious yoga student, you'll want to have one of these mats. We have furnished elite yoga studios with these extra thick and extra long mats, and now they are available direct to you.

Tapas Performance Yoga Mat at Zafu! Zafu! Canada's Meditation Shop

Performance Yoga Mat
The Performance Mat strikes the perfect balance between stability and lightweight luxury. One of our thickest mats at 1/4 inch, this mat provides the ultimate cushioning, is dense and stable, but light enough to transport easily between home and studio. Designed to hold up to the rigors of vinyasa-style practice, this mat will provide long-lasting service. The ultimate mat for the committed practitioner or beginner. We have supplied yoga & pilates studios with these mats as replacements/upgrades to their existing mats.
Product Features:
  • this item is no longer available
  • 1/4 inch thick but denser than thick mats
  • 72" long x 26" wide
  • only 6.5 pounds
  • best support and cushioning for the spine
  • our sturdiest, firmest mat — the best choice for people who want to keep their mat for years
  • excellent for serious practitioners and beginners
  • shock absorption
  • stands up to Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga (made for the vinyasa-style, mat-shredding yogi)
  • great for Pilates
"I have been searching for months for a Canadian supplier of good quality yoga mats to replace the aging mats in our yoga & pilates studio, and I am so glad to have found you! The Performance mats are just what I am looking for."
M.J., Ontario, Canada
"I got my [Performance] yoga mat and I just love it!"
Julie G., Ontario, Canada
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